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Arkansas Medicare Plans

At the Benefit Link we work with great insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans for  Arkansas residents. Many offer the most popular plans like Plan F and Plan G.

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At the Benefit Link we work with great insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans for  Arkansas residents. Many offer the most popular plans like Plan F and Plan G.


Let us assist with the basics. Medicare Supplement plans in Arkansas include 10 standardized options, lettered A – N. Each insurance company must offer at least Plan A, but companies can offer any of the other plans as well.


Our agency works with some of the best Arkansas Medicare Plan F and Plan G insurance companies, such as AetnaBankers FidelityBlue Cross Blue ShieldCignaHumanaMutual of Omaha, and Transamerica.


You can find a complete list of our Medicare insurance providers here.

Arkansas Medicare Plans were created so that you could have peace of mind about your medical expenses under Medicare.


Original Medicare Parts A & B do not cover everything. There are quite a few costs which get passed on to you. These include things like your annual deductibles and also the 20% of all of your outpatient medical bills that you are responsible for.


You can also choose a Medicare supplement in Arizona that covers some or all of these gaps.


Arkansas Medicare Supplement Choices

There are 10 common Medigap plans to choose from in your state. All Medigap plans have the same basic structure. It’s just that some plans cover more than others so that you can choose your level of coverage. Medicare supplement plans are labelled A – N. There are a few plans which are popular sellers. Those are:

Medicare Supplement Plan F

For decades people have liked Plan F because it covers all the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B. It pays your deductibles, your coinsurance and your copays. You can leave your wallet at home, because you won’t even owe a doctor copay. In 2020, Plan F will be phased out. People who currently own it will be grandfathered but new enrollees will no longer be able to purchase it. After 2020, the most comprehensive supplement will be Plan G.


Arkansas Medigap plans do not include Part drug coverage. You can add a standalone Part D drug plan easily though. Our agency can help you find the one that offers you the best pricing for your medications.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G covers all the same gaps that Plan F does except for the Part B deductible. You will pay your own Part B deductible once per year. Other than that, the plans work exactly the same.All those choices can sometimes make things overwhelming. If you are new to Medicare or just shopping for a better rate, our agency can help. We can provide quotes for any Medigap plan you are interested in. For example, if you decide on a Medicare Supplement Plan G, then we can quote various carriers who offer that plan. Shopping for the best rate is easy. Our agency works with some of the best Arkansas Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G insurance companies, such as Aetna Medicare Supplements and Cigna Medicare Supplements.

Medicare Under 65 in Arkansas

In Alabama, companies are not required to offer open enrollment to people who are under age 65. This means you will have to pass medical health underwriting to be accepted for a Medicare supplement. Since most people who qualify for Medicare under 65 have a disability, they may not be able to pass the health questions. These people may want to consider an Alabama Medicare Advantage policy instead for now.


Later on, when you reach age 65, you will then have 6 months during which you can enroll in any Alabama Medigap plan without underwriting. You are guaranteed to be accepted during that one-time window.

Get Someone On Your Side

Medicare Advantage plans were created as part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. These private plans pay instead of Medicare. You get all of the same Medicare covered services, but there are different rules and restrictions for how you might access them like Medigap Plan A.


With Medicare supplements, you pay more up front, but less on the back end. With Medicare Advantage plans, it’s the opposite. You will have more costs as you go along. For example, you might spend $10 to a primary care physician, or $50 to see a specialist. Hospital stays might cost $200 per day, or $500 per stay. It varies by plan.


It’s important to check with your doctors before enrolling in any Arkansas Medicare Advantage plan. Confirm that they are in the network for the plan you wish to enroll in.  There are many choices of insurance carriers for both Arkansas Medigap plans and Arkansas Medicare Advantage plans. Sometimes it is hard to know which one is right for you. We can help by giving you a detailed analysis of how each plans works and which companies have strong financial ratings. Furthermore, we can help you look at their rate increase histories.


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