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Medigap Insurance Companies


Aetna has been around for over 160 years, so if you like stability, this insurance company will deliver it. They paid their first Medicare claim way back in 1966. Currently, they are based in Brentwood, Tennessee. Depending on which plan you choose, Aetna Medicare supplement have much to offer

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  • Cover outpatient medical costs
  • Pay for expensive deductibles
  • Cover inpatient hospital stays
  • Give you an extra 365 days in the hospital after Medicare runs out
  • Offer skilled nursing facility care
  • Allow for hospice in a Medicare-certified facility
  • Eliminate excess charges (on certain plans)
  • Keep you healthy with enhanced preventive care
  • Pay for you share of diabetic supplies and durable medical equipment

More than anything, these plans help to reduce your worry over medical costs that Medicare does cover. While Medicare provides a great foundational coverage, Aetna Medicare Supplements are a perfect complement. Part B covers 80% of your outpatient costs and most Aetna Medicare supplements cover the rest. Some plans cover both outpatient and inpatient deductibles.

At The Benefit Link, we like to work with carriers that offer many different types of insurance. This usually means a company is healthy. Aetna is a national leader in health, dental, group and disability insurance as well as Medicare insurance. They cover more than 43 million members throughout the nation.

Aetna Medigap plans operate in many states. Sometimes they sell their Medigap plans under subsidiary companies, like Continental Life or American Continental Insurance. It’s the same great family of companies.

Missouri also has a unique rule called Missouri Medicare Supplement Anniversary Guaranteed Issue Rule. Once a year, on the original issue date of your current standardized Medigap policy, you can switch from a like plan to a like plan with no underwriting. No medical questions. The new insurance company must sell you the policy regardless of any pre-existing conditions. This allows you to shop your policy annually and compare premiums. Moving to a new plan is easy.


Your window to make this change begins 30 days before the issue date of your current Medigap policy. It lasts until 30 days after the issue date. You must move to the same plan with another carrier. So for example if you have a Plan F, then you can only move to a Missouri Medigap policy Plan F with another carrier.


Taking advantage of the anniversary rule helps you to keep more of your money in your own pocket every year.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan Features

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans have some features that apply to all policies. This includes:


  • A 12-month rate lock – no increases during your first year
  • 30-day Free Look Period – cancel for any reason the first 30 days for a full refund
  • Freedom of Choice – see any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare
  • Take your coverage with you – policies work anywhere in the nation
  • Household discounts in some areas –  reduction in premium for 2 people in the household
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable – cannot be canceled for health conditions


These great features can be found in any Aetna Medicare supplement insurance policy. Next, you’ll just need to decide which Medigap Plan letter feels the most suitable for you.


Remember that in order to be eligible for any Aetna Medicare Supplement plan, you must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and B.


Aetna Medicare Supplements are standardized, just like all the rest. When you buy an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F, you can be confident that your plan offers the same exact benefits as any other Plan F.


Your Aetna Plan F policy will work alongside your Medicare Part A and B to cover both your Part A and B deductibles, as well as all coinsurance for Medicare-covered services.


Under Plan F, you can see any doctor that participates in Medicare. You can feel confident that your Aetna Medicare supplement will pick up right where Medicare leaves off.


Plan F is often called first dollar coverage. What that means is that your Aetna Plan F supplement will pay your share of Medicare’s costs right from the first dollar. When you go to the doctor, you will have no copay for Medicare-covered services. Likewise, you will not owe anything for hospital stays, surgeries, durable medical equipment, labwork, xrays and many other things.


Essentially any covered service under Medicare will covered 100% between your Original Medicare and your Aetna Medicare Supplement.


The Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G policies are one of our most popular sellers. Aetna Plan G offers you the opportunity to get lower premiums in exchange for you paying the one-time Part B deductible each year. We’ve also noticed that Plan G policies tend to have lower rate increases overall than Plan F. This makes it a good buy.


Another thing about Plan G is that it will be around past 2020, whereas Medicare is phasing out Plan F in that year. So while Plan F is still a great plan in the short term, we’ve seen many consumers opting for Plan G because they know it will continue to be offered far into the future. Plan G is the closest thing to first dollar coverage that people will be able to buy after 2020.


We often get calls here at The Benefit Link wondering why it so hard to find Aetna Medigap Reviews. More specifically, it’s hard to find consumer reviews about any Medigap policy.


I’m going to tell you a secret. The reason is that people with Medigap plans almost never have negative reviews.




Because Medicare is the entity who decides what gets paid. If Medicare approves a claim, Aetna Medigap will pay its share too. This means that nearly every Medigap plan pays like clockwork. From a broker standpoint though, Aetna is a great company to work.


If we have a problem or issue that’s occurring for a client, we can reach the right people to resolve it. That is something you definitely won’t get if you enroll direct.


Aetna Medigap reviews from our own clients here at our agency have been stellar- especially the Aetna Medigap Plan F reviews.


Remember, Aetna Medicare supplement plans include a 12-month rate lock too. Not all carriers offer this. This guarantees that your rate will not increase during the first 12 months. Also, since Aetna Medicare supplement policyholders use Medicare’s network, your coverage goes with you no matter where you are in the nation.  Many of our clients also qualify for household discounts.


Often people who are interested in Aetna Medicare Supplements will also inquire about Aetna Medicare Part D. While Aetna Medicare does offer Part D plans in many areas, you should not choose your Part D carrier based on name-brand. Each drug plan has a different formulary, monthly premium and also different copays for various medicines.


Be aware as well that the company that offers the best Medicare supplement isn’t always the company that offers the best Part D plan for you. Your supplement and your Part D plan will be separate, so you’ll want to choose the drug plan that offers you the lowest cost for your prescriptions.


At The Benefit Link we provide an in depth Part D analysis for our Medigap clients. This analysis using Medicare’s drug finder tool will tell us which drug plan offers you the lowest overall out of pocket for your specific medications. If that turns out to be Aetna Medicare Part D as well, then great.


However, if another carrier offers you better value, then that’s the one we’ll suggest.


We get lots of questions about Aetna Medicare providers, so let’s address how your access to providers works.


When enrolling in any Aetna Medigap plan, you can see any providers across the nation that participate in Medicare. This is one of the most popular features of Medigap plans in general. So if you enroll in an Aetna Medicare Supplement, you do not have to ask your doctors whether or not they take Aetna.


You simply just ask if your provider accepts Medicare. If he or she answers yes, then Medicare will pay its share and it will send the remainder of any bills off to Aetna.


On an HMO-POS or PPO plan, you would get lower copays for using network doctors, but you would still have the option to treat outside the network.


There are two ways that you can enroll in an Aetna Medigap plan: through the company direct or through an insurance broker. When you choose a broker like The Benefit Link, you pay nothing extra, but you get some added value that will save you headaches down the road.


A big call center at an insurance company can take your application, but they have no interest in helping you shop rates or set up your Part D drug plan. They don’t have the time or inclination to assist you with an appeal if Medicare denies a claim or your doctor mis-codes billing causing payment rejections. 

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