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Medigap Insurance Companies


The Benefit Link work with Cigna for many of our clients. It’s a great company, and their plans help many of our customers. Cigna’s global corporation insures 70 plus million people around the world. They are based in Connecticut.


The Benefit Link believes in working with insurance companies that carry a variety of insurance products. This generally indicates a healthy and stable company. Cigna provides a long list of insurance products such as health, life, accident, disability and of course, Cigna Medicare Supplements.


Cigna Medicare Supplements are available in many states. Sometimes they sell their Medigap plans under subsidiary companies, like Loyal American, CHLIC or American Retirement Life.  It’s still the same incredible family of companies. They are also well-know for stable rates from year to year, which can be important in Medigap insurance.

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Cigna Medicare Supplement Benefits

Cigna Medicare supplements, like all Medicare supplement companies,  Cigna policies


  • Offer competitive premiums in many states.
  • Protect you against unexpected out-of-pocket expenses
  • Help to pay for your hospital and outpatient deductibles, copays and coinsurance
  • Can be used nationwide. See any doctor that accepts Medicare.
  • Are guaranteed renewable. You cannot be dropped from coverage for developing health conditions.


With any Medicare supplement, remember always that Medicare is your base insurance. As long as you stay enroll in Medicare and pay your premiums for both your Medicare and your Cigna Medicare supplement, then your policy stays in force no matter your health.


Most people who choose Medicare supplements want freedom of access. If a serious health condition happens, they want to be able to choose the best specialist in the area or even in the country.  As long as your doctor accepts Original Medicare, he or she will accept your Cigna Medicare supplement too.


Medicare will receive and process your claims. Once Medicare pays its share of your bill, it will send the remainder on to your Cigna Medicare supplement.


Cigna offers several of the standardized Medicare supplement options. Depending on which plan you enroll in, your supplement may cover your Part A hospital deductibles and co-insurance and your Part B outpatient deductibles and coinsurance.


Let’s take a look at two of Cigna’s most popular Medicare supplements.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F

Cigna Medicare Supplements are standardized by the federal government. This is the same with all Medicare supplement companies. So if you purchase a Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F, you can be sure that your plans like Plan F includes the same exact health benefits as any other Medicare Plan F.  Your Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover both your Part A and B deductibles, as well as the 20% coinsurance for Medicare-covered services that you would otherwise pay for yourself.


When covered by a Cigna Medicare Supplement, you can seek healthcare services from any doctor that or hospital that participates in Medicare. It is a great feeling in know that your Cigna Medicare supplement will pick up right where Medicare stops.


With fixed monthly premiums and usually no unexpected out-of-pocket costs for you, a Cigna plans like Plan F can provide you great peace of mind.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

The Cigna Medigap Plan G policies are very popular here at The Benefit Link. Our clients on Cigna Plan G get lower premiums in exchange for paying the Part B deductible once each year. In 2018, that deductible is only $183. Sometimes our Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G rates can save our clients as much as $300/year, so that’s a good buy!


Cigna Plan G policies tend to have lower rate increases from year to year than Plan N policies too.


Our customers also request Cigna Medicare supplement Plan N. We can help with that plan too!

Cigna Medicare Supplement Reviews

Cigna is a top tier Medigap company. Our company has been a top national producer for them for several years. This means we have great relationships with many of their key players. This can often come in handy when we need help with something for one of our clients.  This is an added benefit to you if you enroll in your Cigna Medicare Supplement through our agency. Our team is very familiar with their underwriting process and can help you learn if you are eligible for policy.


We also have gotten very positive feedback from our clients who have given us positive Cigna Medicare supplement reviews for Plan F and Plan G.


Our clients have shared that they pay claims on time, so you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Before we enroll though, we want to check the historical rate increase trend for Cigna in your specific area. Choosing a carrier is about more than just the lowest price. We want to also look at the data we have in our exclusive reporting software to make sure that Cigna Medicare supplement rate increases in your area have been healthy and manageable.


We expect Cigna Medigap Plans 2018 to continue to be a top seller.

When You Enroll with The Benefit Link, We Provide All of These Services for FREE

  • Comparison quotes from over 30 other companies to make sure you are getting the best price
  • Search for eligibility for household discounts that could further lower your rate
  • Rate trend history report so that you can see the company’s rate increases over the last few years
  • Financial ratings report
  • Free annual rate shopping to keep your rate low. When your policy renews in 12 months, we’ll be in touch to see if we can lower your rate.
  • Free claim support and help with appeals. When our clients receive a bill they didn’t expect, they know to call us immediately. Our client service team will immediately research it to find out why you received it, determine if you actually owe it, and resolve it if you don’t, which is quite often.
  • We provide free help with Part D to all our Medigap policyholders. This includes assistance with your annual renewal so that you are always in the drug plan that provides you your medications at the lowest possible cost
  • Free resolution of common Part D problems like drug exceptions, filing prior authorizations, and pharmacy mistakes

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Purchasing your policy through a large agency like ours also provides you the added benefit of being able to reach us for support when you need us. If you enroll from a solo agent who works by himself, you will get his voicemail every time he is in a meeting with the next client. Our agency has an entire team of full-time client service personnel so that you are never waiting on anyone to finish an appointment when you need help.

Get Quotes from Cigna Medicare Supplements

Is Cigna a good Medicare supplement  company? Yes, it is.To find out more about Cigna Medicare Supplements offered in your state, contact The Benefit Link for a free quote today. We can quote Cigna Medigap plans as well as 30 other carriers. We’ll help you determine if Cigna Medigap plans are a good buy in your local area.

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