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Dental, Vision, and Hearing : Why You Need It!

“Does Medicare cover dental, hearing, and vision?” 

We have many people inquire about this, and it’s important to understand the specifics.

First and foremost, no, traditional Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not cover hearing aids, dental care, or most vision services. This can be disappointing, but knowing what is and isn’t covered helps you make informed decisions about your healthcare needs.

Dental Coverage: 

Standard Medicare does not cover routine dental care. However, you don’t have to go without coverage. There are many stand alone dental plans available. At The Benefit Link, we can assist you in selecting a dental plan that fits your needs. 

Plans we offer can cover the following but depends on the the policy you choose: 

  1. Preventative Care: This includes cleanings and exams that the dentist recommends you receive at least once a year.
  2. Basic Care: This includes fillings, simple extractions, and bitewing x-rays. 
  3. Major Care: This level of care includes crowns, root canals, oral surgery, dentures, bridges, etc. 

Vision Coverage: 

Vision coverage under Medicare is more nuanced. Here’s a breakdown:

Diabetics: If you have diabetes, Medicare covers preventive eye care, such as yearly exams to monitor for changes related to the condition.

Medical Eye Conditions: For non-diabetic individuals, Medicare covers medical eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, floaters, and detached retina but, you may still have co-pays. If you have a Medicare supplement plan that covers 100% of your expenses (typically Plan F or Plan G), these conditions will be covered.

Eyeglasses and Preventive Eye Care: Routine eye exams and eyeglasses are not covered unless you have a specific medical need, such as after cataract surgery. In this case, Medicare will cover one pair of corrective lenses.

For a small premium, we often recommend getting a vision plan separate from medicare as it will provide total coverage for all aspects of vision care, not limiting it to being medically necessary. 

Hearing Coverage:

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing aids or routine hearing exams. This means you’ll need to look for separate hearing plans or consider paying out-of-pocket for these services.

Understanding what Medicare covers helps you avoid surprises and plan accordingly. If you need dental, vision, or hearing coverage, exploring additional insurance options or supplemental plans is essential. Give us a call at The Benefit Link to understand the options available to you! 817-886-5703 

We’re here to help you navigate your options and ensure you have the coverage you need.

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