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What You Need To Know About Part D!

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug plan that provides coverage for prescription drugs for seniors and those with disabilities. It is a voluntary plan, so people are not required to enroll, but those who are, have access to coverage for drugs not covered under original Medicare.

Part D is a great option. Here are five things you need to know to make the most of your coverage.

#1: How Coverage Works

Part D coverage differs depending on the plan that you choose. Generally, it covers both brand-name and generic drugs, but there may be specific restrictions depending on the plan. Additionally, most plans have cost-sharing structures such as tiered cost-sharing and copayment amounts.

#2: What it Covers

One of the most important features of Part D is that it helps to reduce the out-of-pocket costs associated with prescription drugs. Without Part D, you may have to pay full price for any drugs that you need.

#3: It Protects You

Part D also offers protection against rising drug costs. Because Part D plans have an annual maximum for out-of-pocket costs, you won’t be stuck with a hefty bill if the cost of your prescriptions goes up.

#4: It Offers Preventive Coverage

In addition to coverage for prescription drugs, Part D also covers certain preventive services such as flu shots, bone mass measurements, and certain cancer screenings. It also covers some immunizations.

#5: You Can Choose the Plan That Works for You

Part D is administered by private insurance companies approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These companies offer different plans with different coverage, costs, and restrictions. 

When selecting a plan, you must consider which drugs you take and how much they cost. Different plans have different formularies, so you should look for a plan that covers the drugs you need.

It’s also important to compare the cost-sharing structure of different plans. Different plans have different copayments, coinsurance amounts, and out-of-pocket maximums. Make sure you understand the costs associated with each plan before you choose one.

Understand Part D with The Benefit Link

Part D is an important part of Medicare and can help to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Understanding the different features and cost structures associated with the various Part D plans can help you make the best choice for your needs.

The Benefit Link is your Medicare partner. We don’t just get you a plan. We make sure it’s the right plan for you, walk you through the entire process, and ensure you’re taken care of for years to come. To start your journey, schedule a consultation or call (972) 236-3348.

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