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Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage

At The Benefit Link, we have been around the medical field for a long time – 30 years in fact. We have seen all of the different Medicare options and how they play out in real time. When we say that we highly recommend Medicare Supplement plans and warn against Medicare Advantage plans, we mean it. Some people can get confused between the two. Keep reading to learn more. 

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare covers many common costs, but it doesn’t always pay everything in full. For example, Medicare Part B often only covers 80% of expected costs, meaning that you’re responsible for the additional 20%. These costs can add up quickly. This is where Supplement Plans come in. These plans are offered by private insurers to cover any gaps left by Medicare. With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can be confident that all of your costs will be covered.

Medicare Advantage Plans Overview

Medicare Advantage plans are a private alternative to Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans work like other private health insurance plans. Many people are drawn to the additional benefits offered by Medicare Advantage plans, like gym memberships, dental, hearing, and vision benefits, transportation, etc. However, what many people don’t realize is that Medicare Advantage will often restrict your freedom. 

For example, there is a generally healthy 84-year-old woman who had been on the same Medicare plan for years. She also had a Medicare Supplement plan that allowed her peace of mind whenever she went into the hospital because she always knew that all of her bills would be covered. However, she then heard about the enticing details of a Medicare Advantage plan. She switched from her regular Medicare + Medicare Supplement plan in favor of the Medicare Advantage plan. A few weeks later, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. She went to her regular hospital expecting the same care, but was then turned away due to Medicare Advanatge not covering the costs. 

Many doctors do not accept certain Medicare Advantage plans, severely limiting your freedom to pick and choose your providers. However, many doctors do accept Original Medicare, and Medicare Supplement Plans that do not limit your freedom. 

Medicare Advantage vs. Supplements

Medicare Supplement Plans are a fantastic investment for most people. They can have the confidence that all of their bills will be paid in full for just an extra monthly premium. Medicare Advantage plans, on the other hand, often sound enticing but are often not accepted by providers in the area. If freedom and financial stability are important to you, consider the benefits of Original Medicare and a supplement plan.

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