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Retirement years are meant for enjoying all the things you’ve never had time for before. You shouldn’t have to spend your time worrying about affordable healthcare. However, many seniors find that original Medicare benefits simply do not provide the coverage they need to take care of all the health care costs for hospitalization and outpatient care. Humana Medicare plans may be able to help for costs not covered under Original Medicare.

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About Humana Medicare Plans

Humana Health Insurance Company began operations in 1961 and is one of the largest U.S. health insurance companies. Humana Insurance has an excellent rating with A.M. Best and has been honored by J.D. Power & Associates with an award for customer satisfaction.


Its health insurance product offers include individual and group health insurance plans as well as Humana Medicare plans.

Available Humana Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Medicare supplement plans are standardized and lettered A – N. Humana Medicare supplement plans vary by region. Check with your Medicare insurance broker about which plans are offered by Humana insurance in your area.

Here are some of the more common Medicare supplements today:

Medigap Plan A: This plan is the most basic supplement. It covers your Part A coinsurance and 365 days additional coverage in the hospital when original Medicare benefits end. It also covers your Part B coinsurance which is the 20% that Medicare does not cover on outpatient expenses such as doctor visits, labwork and surgeries.

Medigap Plan A also covers your hospice care Part A coinsurance and the first 3 pints of blood needed in case of a transfusion. You are responsible to cover your own deductibles, excess charges and skilled nursing coinsurance.

Medigap Plan C: Plan C is one of the most comprehensive plans. It covers all of the gaps in Medicare except for Part B excess charges.

Medigap Plan F: Plan F provides more benefits than the other plans. You will spend more on premiums, but you also do not have to worry about bills. It pays for all of the gaps in Medicare except for Part B excess charges. There is also a high deductible option available which will lower the premium for Plan F coverage.

Medigap Plan G:  In recent years, Plan G has become very popular. It covers everything that Plan F covers except for the Part B deductible.  If you can afford to pay the Part B deductible, this plan costs less than Plan F coverage. Often when you annualize your savings, you will find that it’s a better value than Plan F, but be sure to compare the numbers.

Plans K, L & N: You will receive the same basic coverage in these plans as the other plans but less of the coinsurance and copayments are paid on these plans. Premiums are also lower than some of the more full-coverage supplements.

Is One Plan Better?

The right plan for you will depend on several factors including plan availability in your area, your needs and budget. It’s also important to determine any specific doctors you need to have access to, and which medications you take. There are benefits to all plans and all plans, not just Humana insurance plans, provide additional benefits to original Medicare.

Do you need a little guidance in choosing the best policy? We have licensed agents ready to help find the coverage that feels right for you.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is one of the newest Medigap plans. First offered in 2010, Plan N usually has lower premiums than Plan G. This is because you agree to pay some copays on some medical services. You’ll pay up to $20 for doctor visits and up to $50 for an emergency room visit. You will also pay the Part B deductible and any excess charges.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan N is a good fit for beneficiaries who want lower premiums in exchange for more out-of-pocket on the back end. Here at The Benefit Link, we have found this to be a popular plan for healthy individuals who don’t use many medical services. They can enjoy lower premiums without incurring much back-end spending because their medical usage is low.


Medigap plan offerings vary by state. If you would like to check availability in your area, give us a call at (844) 482-2910.

State Availability for Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplements

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medigap plans are offered in many states. Our agency can help you enroll in a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement in any of these states. However, the states where we seem to have the most interest for Blue Cross Blue Shield Medigap plans are as follows:

Ready to Explore Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Options?

The Benefit Link has helped tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries with their plan choices. If you would like to explore Medicare supplemental options in your area, contact us for free assistance. We can help your review your plan options for all Medigap insurance companies, include BCBS.

When you enroll in your Medicare coverage through our agency, you get back-end support for your policy for as long as you have that policy. That means if Medicare denies a claim or your drug plan won’t fill one of your prescriptions, you just call The Benefit Link. Our team will guide you on how to file an appeal or a drug exception. We also help our clients analyze which Part D drug plans offer them the lowest copays each year.

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